Lip Balm

Usually, lipstick is considered as decorative cosmetics chosen by color. However, it is a well known fact that lips are extremely sensitive and require a special care. The upper layer of lips is exceptionally thin. There are no sweat glands in the lips and few sebaceous glands, so their moisture is maintained with saliva. Thus, lips have a tendency to stay dry. Lack of attention to lips makes them dry and cracked, especially in hot or cold weather. Moreover, lip skin contains an insignificant amount of pigment, thus remaining largely exposed to insidious solar beams.

Dr. Nona Lip Balm meets all the requirements of modern cosmetics. A subtle, silky texture of the Lip Balm allows for smooth application and covering lips well. It gives your lips miraculous moisture, extraordinary shine and day-into-night wear. It is the perfect thing for your lips in cold surroundings.

This Lip Balm is not as simple as it seems to be at first sight. It embodies the most recent scientific developments. The scientists of Lenom clinic created and added a completely new and unique component to the Lip Balm: the Bio-Organic Mineral Complex. This complex supplies your body with a necessary amount of bio-antioxidants through lips’ pores, thus stimulating the immune system and increasing the cells’ self-protection from free radicals.

Price: $29.95