The Power of the Dead Sea

Despite its name the Dead Sea is alive and flourishing with vital nutrients. It’s water and mud rich sources of minerals and beneficial microelements.


Fed mainly by the Jordan River, the Dead Sea has no outlet. That fact, combined with its location at the lowest point on the planet and the intense heat of the sun in the region, results in substantial amounts of water evaporating into the arid air. This leaves the Dead Sea with a mineral and mineral and salt concentration 10 times that of other seas and oceans and the microscopic organisms that survive in the water are valued as powerful biological antioxidants.


These waters are the soul of Dr. Nona’s Bio-Organic Mineral Complex.


Water is the primary ingredient in most cosmetics and body care products. Ordinary products are full of ordinary water. Dr. Nona’s products are infused with the extraordinary water of the Dead Sea – renowned since antiquity for medical healing properties, soothing tranquility, skin care benefits and more. Dr. Nona’s products not only enhance your beauty, they support your overall well being.