About Dr. Nona International

The Dr. Nona line of dead sea skin care and body care products was developed by Dr. Nona Kuchina, Trained Physician, Medical Lecturer and Scientific Researcher.
With the BOMC as the soul of every product, the Dr. Nona line naturally enhances the well being of the whole person.
Dr. Nona products can help you look better, from the outside in, feel better from the inside out, relieve stress and tension, provide antioxidant benefits, cleanse the digestive system and much more.

Today  Dr. Nona Products are being sold at over then 40 countries around the world.

The Commitment of Dr. Nona

Dr. Nona International is the largest company of Dead Sea Cosmetics and Food Supplements.
At Dr. Nona we take pride that all of our products have been developed with Dr. Nona guiding philosophy in mind - to create a longer, better, healthier and much more beauteful life for all.