Our methods of preparation

The “Dr. Nona” nutritional combinations are very complex blends of specially selected herbs from all over the world. We attempt to work with raw botanicals wherever possible. A great deal of methodical research, painstaking craftsmanship, and expert engineering go into the development of each of our unique products. Production time can vary from several days to as much as a month in some instances. Results with our products are often immediate and more lasting than the standard preparations currently on the market because so much care and quality go into every product we build.

Our selection of materials

“Dr. Nona” takes meticulous care to use only the highest quality ingredients available for our combinations. The myriad of complexities involved in the importing, approval, processing, blending and manufacturing of our nutritional supplements is literally unbelievable to the person inexperienced in this highly specialized, technical field. For example, herbal crops vary from season to season and from area to area. The condition of the soil in which they were grown, the parts of the plant harvested, the methods used for their drying, packing, and shipping, innumerable factors, right down to the time of day the plant was harvested can effect the value of its internal constituents. We at “Dr. Nona” strives to purchase only the finest herbal crops for our blends.